And I’ll love you back (2)

I’ll love you back, beyond the barrier of time, beyond vows, beyond pride or rationality.

I’ll love the dimples in your cheeks and the cut above your brow.

I’ll love your calloused hands and the way they roam my body.

I’ll love your touch and how you teach me emotions that shake me to my very core.

I’ll love how you roll your eyes when you think I don’t notice.

I’ll love your faults and your annoying habits.

I’ll love the way you rest your weary head on my chest and how you fall asleep while I ramble about things you’ve heard before.

I’ll love you when you’re sick, when you aren’t the mountain of a man who has been guarding me for a lifetime. Strong or weak, I’ll still love you because you are my man and mine to love.

I might be upset at times and quite tactless in expressing my love. Anger might take the best of me, stifling the kind, loving voice of my heart. But when I’m so mad that I can’t even look at you, I’ll love you the most.

I might suffocate you at times, but that’s because, in your absence, I too suffocate.

I’ll love you angrily. I’ll love you kindly. I’ll love you imperfectly, but I’ll love you forever.

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