Darkside Love Affair


Falling in love with a rebel was not my plan.
I am a lawyer. I love order, justice, and the little, annoying habits that I never stray from.
Until the night he saves me.
Marcus King is a rebel by day and an unleashed lover by night. He watches me with that delicious glint in his eyes like he is an intimate connoisseur of all my cravings; like he is the one to satisfy them.
He is not the man I want, but giving in to him is so tempting.
And once I do, he sets me on fire, one kiss at a time.
Then it all comes crashing down.
The killer I had been hunting for is on the loose, and I am his target.


Rule #1: Don’t date lawyers.
Rule #2: Don’t get attached.
Rule #3: Don’t act as a savior.

Those were my bylaws, and they were easy to follow because I didn’t do romance, or worse, let myself believe that I could love.
Until the night she waltzes into my life.
Charlotte Burton is the bane of my existence and the virus that contaminates my blood from the very first second I lay eyes on her.
She makes the rules I love to break, but in the end, she is the one to break my rules.
She gets in my veins, in my lungs, in every broken piece of my heart.
But that doesn’t mean that I can keep her. Not until she stops flirting with danger. Not until the killer targeting her is put down.
To protect her, I must break my last rule, but will that be enough to save her?


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