Love in Disguise (Darkside Love Affair #2)

I raced through life like a bullet, so I never imagined I would slow down enough to see her, let alone that I would fall for her so hard that I was willing to kill to keep her safe.
Charlotte Burton has become mandatory to my heart and to my sanity. They tried to snatch her from me, but they never predicted my rage.
Now I’m on a rampage, and I have a single goal: To put our enemies in the ground.
In their whispers, I hunt for secrets, and in the air they breathe, I taste weakness. I’m one step away from destroying them.
Then Charlotte turns my life upside down, and we are once again flirting with danger.

Losing more than what I had already lost seemed a distant concept.
Until I realize that I risk losing the man I love.
Following Marcus is a demand coursing through my blood. I belong with him, even if in the world of criminals, love is a disease that must be eradicated.
So we disguise our love, but infiltrating one criminal organization isn’t enough. To protect our covers, we slide down a dark and treacherous path, one lie at a time.
And just when we were about to defeat them all, we’re losing once again.


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