July 22, 2018

Hazel’s flaming hair was the only thing that stood out in the immense desert of snow. Tendrils of red were flying around her head as the wind kept blowing with a fierceness that made her shudder and clench her jaw until it hurt.

July 3, 2018

The sky bled into the lake, one scarlet ray at a time, while Love was sitting quietly on the southern rock, watching her beloved changing the earth and the heavens, watching him change her.

June 22, 2018

I wonder if you know what the sight of you sleeping does to me? Your arms are wrapped around my pillow, and that rebel curl of yours is falling over your forehead as a sigh slips past your lips.

June 12, 2018

I’ll love you back, beyond the barrier of time, beyond vows, beyond pride or rationality. I’ll love the dimples in your cheeks and the cut above your brow. I’ll love your calloused hands and the way they roam my body.

June 5, 2018

Love me when I’m angry, and you can’t stand me. Love me when I shed all pretenses—when the tears course down my cheeks and my eyes get swollen; when my voice breaks and I swallow back all the words you want to hear.

May 22, 2018

Hello, my porcelain love, you have grown weak, and your wings have withered some. Your once peaceful sky is now clouded. It is darkening, preparing for the downpour— a downpour of your own tears.

May 10, 2018

Stay a while and read me a story, our story. Tell me how we met in winter, how the snow was falling like feathery stars from the sky. Tell me how, without even knowing, I had been waiting for you.