Stay a while

Stay a while and read me a story, our story. Tell me how we met in winter, how the snow was falling like feathery stars from the sky. Tell me how, without even knowing, I had been waiting for you.

The pavilion was quiet save for the whooshing of the wind and the distant screech of some unknown bird. I flexed my fingers around the wooden banisters and shuddered. It was cold, and my aimless straying seemed foolish now that the temperature had dropped another few degrees and the force of the snowstorm sharpened. It had seemed silly until I sensed you.

In the corner of my eye, I watched you climb the stairs and approach me with your hands clenched behind your back, with your spine stiff and your chin defiantly lifted, with your predatory stare fixed on me and a perfectly painted eyebrow arched in wonder.

You didn’t look aimless. You looked purposeful and just a tiny bit relieved, like someone who had searched for a long time and finally found his treasure. I shuddered again, but this time the cold had nothing to do with the tremors wrecking my body.

And then you smiled, a crooked smile that was both arrogant and reassuring. You walked closer—you, a mere stranger, shamelessly invaded my space.

Your glove-clad hand covered my trembling red fingers. Without hesitation or remorse, your grip turned firm, possessive even, as if there was no doubt in your mind that I belonged to you.

The air was harsh and crisp, but it had stopped reaching my lungs. Your nostrils flared and your eyes sparkled with the knowledge that your presence affected me from the tip of my fingers to the very bottom of my heart.

Then the redness in my cheeks was the only invitation you needed. You turned me around, sighing so softly that it might have been the wind whispering. I tasted your breath on the tip of my tongue and gasped startled when the need of tasting more engulfed me.

“You are freezing,” you noted and your brows knit together with displeasure and slight disapproval. Then you took your leather gloves off and pushed them into my hands. “Here, keep these on,” you said.

“No, I can’t accept. It will be you freezing then.”

“That is something I can handle.”

I could not decline your attention or rather, I did not want to. You traced your warm finger down my icy cheek and in the end, rested the tip on my quivering lips.

“I will do something inappropriate,” you said. “Something delicious.”

Then you stole my lips in a kiss and my heart from my chest to put it in yours. You glowed, and so, you captured me into your light and turned me warm and vibrant and yours.

Turn the page. Tell me how we chased the winter away, how you brought summer into my life, how you were my sun, and I was your rainbow.

Stay a while and promise me you’re mine forever. Bend and take my lips once again, just how you did it then.

Stay a while, don’t leave tonight.

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